Travel Weekly's most-read stories of 2023

An article featuring Norwegian Cruise Line's solo cabins was one of the most popular of 2023.
An article featuring Norwegian Cruise Line's solo cabins was one of the most popular of 2023. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

At the end of the year, it's fascinating to look back on the reporting and see which stories resonated most with our readers. It's a mix: Some feature, some news, some analysis -- all rooted in our mission of bringing the best in news and trends to our audience.

Here are the most read stories of 2023:

Cruise lines double down on solo cabins

By Andrea Zelinski, Oct. 16

One of our most popular stories of the year was a look by cruise editor Andrea Zelinski at the new offerings of solo cabins on major cruise lines. The article was inspired by Norwegian Cruise Line, which is moving to double its number of single-person cabins on its ships, but other lines have also increased their numbers of cabins for one, indicating the increasing strength of the solo travel market. (We produced a Folo podcast episode on the trend, with Norwegian exec John Chernesky).

Why flying in Hawaii is no ticket to paradise right now

By Christine Hitt, May 15

Aviation reporter Robert Silk wrote about runway work at Honolulu's airport in April that was slowing down Hawaiian Airlines' typically industry-leading on-time performance. But this Insight by Hawaii contributor Christine Hitt racked up the views. "On a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Kahului, Maui, to Honolulu in March," she wrote, "I was stuck on the tarmac for 45 minutes before the air traffic controller let us depart." 

United to revise its boarding procedure

By Robert Silk, Oct 13

A report by Silk on United's revised boarding process, adding a sixth boarding group, indicates that readers are always interested in the procedural aspect of travel -- especially when it comes to changes that might increase or decrease the chance of capturing an overhead-bin spot.

Mission Titanic

By Arnie Weissmann, June 20

"Where to begin? I know three of the five people on the missing submersible Titan. I had spent eight days with two of them less than a month ago, and four days with the other last week." Thus began editor in chief Arnie Weissmann's extraordinary three-part report on his experiences with the submersible Titan, operated by Oceangate. The saga of Oceangate riveted the country in mid-June, and all three of Weissmann's stories (part 2 and part 3) were part of our most-read lineup.

American Airlines will launch its NDC plan on April 3

By Robert Silk, Mar 28

NDC was one of our biggest stories of 2023, and this was the time that American Airlines stepped forward with its controversial plan to make some of its content available only to agencies booking through an NDC connection.

Ranking the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas shows

By Paul Szydelko, Jul 4

What Las Vegas-bound traveler wouldn't be interested in this Insight by contributing editor Paul Szydelko: "Having seen all six current Cirque du Soleil productions in Las Vegas, some of them several times, I offer this very personal ranking (along with my suggestion as to whom the show might best be suited). This list is highly subjective, of course. But be assured that those attending any Cirque show are getting good value (there's nary a bad seat in any of these theaters) and a wondrous night of escapism."

Carnival Corp. reorganizes brands in corporate restructuring

By Andrea Zelinski, June 5

After a ten-month listening tour, Carnival Corp. CEO Josh Weinstein reorganized the world's largest cruise company. This was the first major step by the Carnival chief, which removed some of the layers between corporate offices and the lines. 

Maui wildfires destroy historical hotels

By Christina Jelski, Aug 11

Travel Weekly produced many reports on the wildfires and their impact on Maui travel. This story climbed to the top of readers' lists. 

Intensive, expensive: Analysts and advisors explain why Disney's Star Wars hotel didn't take off

By Christina Jelski, May 26

"Disney's decision this month to shutter its Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel/attraction after less than two years came as a surprise to many," hotels editor Christina Jelski wrote. "But for some industry insiders, the news didn't come entirely from out of left field."

Some tips for tipping in Las Vegas casinos

By Paul Szydelko, Mar 21

Another Vegas Insight, this one on what dealers, gaming attendants and servers expect in a place where, Szydelko writes, "gratuities have a long tradition." On the flip side of the coin (no pun intended) our reporters were also tracking plans by hotels to better embrace digital tipping.


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